Thursday, October 31, 2013

Staying safe

I remember the first 10 speed bike I had. It was a Huffy Santa Fe 26 speed (step through but lets not dwell on that fact). One of the things I remember about that bike is the rim powered generator light on it. It was certainly the first bike with a light on it that I had ever had and the same goes for my friends. I grew up in a neighborhood and a time where night safety ( and safety in general ) on our bikes wasn't ever really considered. But having that light was so reassuring when I would go for a ride late on a summer evening. Fast forward 20 years and light technology has certainly come a long way. Now a days I get to have super cool high power led usb 500 lumen lights. They are certainly a far cry from from the dimly lit and fast fading dynamo light of my youth. But having a super bright bike "headlight" brings on the same super reassuring feeling of not only can "they" see me but I can clearly see where im going. Safety is empowering that way. It doesn't make a force field around you , but in a way it sometime feels like it does.
Now that winter is here and our days go dark nice and early make sure you have the right safety equipment to keep riding and enjoying yourself. From high visibility rain jackets and booties to the very best lights. Have a happy holiday!

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