Monday, December 9, 2013

Staying warm and happy

Well its cold. And when it is this cold I certainly prefer to just hide under my covers and drink hot chocolate. But thats not what being a cyclist is about is it? Therefor we must don our winter gear and brave the weather! Here are a few tips that I can offer having lived in the northeast for many years.
 Firstly you burn almost 3x more calories when its really cold out. You dont die of boredom  after about 15  minutes.You ride ( or at least you should be riding) slow enough to carry on a conversation with your friend. You could stop off and get an espresso half way through your ride. Not to mention whats is better then the scalding hot shower you get to take after riding in the cold for 2 hours?
So riding in the cold can be fun, as I have now shown you. Here a few tips to help keep you happy and spinning away all winter. Start the ride indoors on your trainer.  You will be warmed up and ready to go and if youre dressed properly you will barely notice the temperature. O and as far as dressing properly goes, good gloves, good booties and a good hat goes a long way. Nothing worse then having your ears burn and ache all day. Invest in a few good baselayers and a quality waterproof winter riding jersey or jacket. And dont forget to drink water! Just cause you dont feel yourself sweating doesn't mean you aren't. Have fun out there and let your trainer collect a little more dust. Feel free to stop in if you need some help finding any of those critical items( booties, base layer  or gloves).

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