Monday, January 6, 2014

What is Cycling fashion?

Or  maybe a better question would be is cycling fashionable. And if it is what about it embodies that style. Certainly they are politically fashionable, with global warming and environmentalism gaining popularity. No one, as far as I know has every claimed that cycling is ruining the environment or endangering the Relic Leopard frog . So it seem safe to say that the bike is still socially and politically fashionable. Not to mention no one has ever stuffed a pie in the face or a famous cycling journalist.
But what im looking for is something more intangible then political correctness.Im trying to pinpoint a look and a style that embodies cycling in 2014. What makes other people look at a cyclist and say " I want to be a part of that" . Surely its not the road racer. With their super skin tight clothes and hyper OCD matching syndrome. And why if youre going to go through all that care would you make everything black? Very unfashionable!
Then there are the fixie geeks. Tiny handle bars, cut off jean shorts, PRB's, lots of tattoos and to many days without a shower is mostly what comes to mind. So no, they dont get the award for cycling fashion.
And sadly I cant give it to the mountain bikers or the daily commuters either. And there isnt enough time in the day to explain why. If you dont already know why mountain bikers arent fashionable you clearly dont know any.
So far we have ruled out road racers, fixie geeks, commuters and mountain bikers.But, if we dig into the commuter category we find a bit of a sub culture. Im not sure how to describe them so I will illustrate
my point with some pictures.
 Here we have a lovely young women on her way to work. She is well put together in a equestrian sort of style that translates very well for the modern cycling commuter. As long as it doesnt rain. But crucially, what makes her so stylish is that when she arrives at work she simply steps off her bike, removes her helmet and sits down at her desk. And even on the bike these style centric riders always looks good. And not a drop of sweat on their face as they effortlessly and gracefully pedal on down the street. As cool and confident as a  skinny hipster at an 80s dance party. So thats where I rest my case. Get some tweed, maybe a neck scarf and some brown leather gloves and show the world that you put style and fashion above all else. At least while youre cycling.

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